Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s the type of therapy do you offer?

Usually, I combine Relational Gestalt therapy with contextual cognitive-behavioral therapies like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion-focused therapy, and Functional Analytic therapy. Because there is no “one fit for all therapy”, I always try to find the best way to help people based on their needs.

What kind of populations you are working with?

I’m working with adults only (18+) in an individual session. I can refer you to my colleagues who are working with children and couples.

What’s the policy of cancellation?

Please note that 24 hours’ notice is required to cancel appointments without charge.

I am in crisis, what should I do?

If you or your someone you know in acute crisis or suicidal, please use the closest Emergency Department or call 911. Suicide and Crisis Hotline (Canada Wide): 1-800-448-3000 Mental Health Crisis Line (Canada Wide): 1-888-893-8333 Toronto Distress Centre: 416-408-4357 Gerstein Centre: 416-929-5200 Assaulted Women’s Help Line: 416-863-0511 Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape: 416-597-8808

Are your services covered by OHIP?

Psychotherapy services provided are not covered by OHIP, but may be covered by certain private insurance policies.

What about my privacy?

As a healthcare provider I need to collect a certain amount of personal information from you in order to know you and provide efficient and safe treatment for you. Your personal information will be stored securely and can only be disclosed to other individuals under appropriate circumstances.
As a supervised therapist, I have to discuss my clients’ progress with my supervisor (Registered Psychotherapist) without disclosure of a client's specific personal information. Discussions with my supervisor are required as a part of my training and I am not able to offer service to you if you are not able to agree to this. My supervisor is also a healthcare provider who upholds the same regard for privacy that I do and will not share your information. There are circumstances in which I and my supervisor can not maintain your privacy and I will discuss that with you at the start of our first session.