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How can therapy help?

Seeking therapy can be beneficial when we face intense emotions or maladaptive behaviours that affect our daily lives. Therapists address a variety of concerns, such as depression anxiety, addiction, grief, and recurring patterns. They can also assist with family conflicts, intimacy issues, and relationship problems. Acknowledging the need for support is the initial step toward seeking therapy

Mentalization-based treatment
What kind of therapy do you need?

There are hundreds of "brands" of therapy on the market. Some of them are more popular and well-researched than others and recommended to treat particular conditions. But the personality of a psychotherapist is no less important factor than a "brand". Make sure that you are comfortable enough with both the particular therapist and the method offered to you. No matter what kind of "brand" you choose, it's the provider who makes it work. 


Initial phase

During the initial phase, I ask general questions about mental health, life conditions, history of development and significant relationships to get to know you better and tailor the individual approach to your personality and goals for therapy.

Collaboratively, we discuss the shared understanding of your life experience, the difficulties you are dealing with and goals to achieve in therapy. We make a case formulation which becomes a navigator for our work.  

A dialogue, structured by the therapist according to case formulation and treatment goal through which we explore your experience, make sense of it and adjust behaviour to improve the quality of life and significant relationships.

Nikolai Pavlov, RP, UKCP
Nikolai Pavlov, Registered Psychotherapist

Nikolai is an internationally trained psychotherapist and clinical supervisor with a nursing background who has worked in the mental health field since 2009 first in Russia and now working in Canada. He provides a safe, supportive, and confidential environment for one-on-one virtual therapy or supervision. He tailors personalized sessions for the needs of every client with the consideration of their background, which allows them to explore their experience, make sense of it and find the best way to live, love and play. 
Nikolai is a clinical supervisor and teaching therapist who helps young professionals find their unique therapeutic styles and develop expertise. Psychotherapy and supervision services are available in both English and Russian. 



Mood disorders
Stress and Trauma
PTSD & Complex PTSD
Dissociative Disorders
Relationship issues
Clinical supervision
"For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

- 2 Timothy 1:7

A common misconception is that the amount of training which a psychotherapist receives and the years in practice can improve therapy outcomes. However, empirical data shows that supervision and deliberate practice are two main sources for professional development and improvements in therapeutic practice. 

Supervision for Psychotherapists
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